Burning Bush

East Window in Sanctuary

The east window, and the west, were designed by Pierre Fourmaintraux and are some of the earliest examples of his work in Britain.

Stepney Meeting House

The church pictured from Stepney Way. Built in 1955 as John Knox Presbyterian Church of England, replacing an earlier building destroyed in WWII.

Stepney Meeting House Interior

View of the sanctuary at Stepney Meeting House. The cross is made from a tree that grew outside the original John Knox Presbyterian church blitzed in 1941.

Stepney Meeting House interior

The Sanctuary. The cross is made from a tree that stood outside the old John Knox Presbyterian Church destroyed in the London Blitz.

Stepney Meeting House

The church from Stepney Way.

St Cuthbert’s Cross

The symbol carved into the front of the Communion Table is St Cuthbert’s cross. Cuthbert was an early Scottish Christian missionary to England, and his cross symbolises the Scottish and English heritage of the former Presbyterian Church of England.

Stepney Meeting House

An historic Christian community in London’s East End in a modern building.