Faith and Vision

Open and Welcoming Statement

In response to the call of God,
we, the Church Meeting of Stepney Meeting House United Reformed Church,
affirm our intent to be an Open and Welcoming community of faith.

We believe in the worth and dignity
of all people as children of God.

We recognise, we celebrate, and we give thanks
for the many diverse gifts of God amongst us.

We welcome into full membership
and participation in the Body of Christ, his Church,
all people regardless of race and cultural tradition,
language, age, gender, sexual orientation,
marital status, physical or mental ability, or economic status.

Vision Statement

To continue to worship and witness to the world as a community of God’s people in Stepney.

To seek to grow as a symbol and sign of God’s love in Christ.

To affirm that we truly meet God in Word and Sacrament

To walk together in the ways of Christ as did the first members of Stepney Meeting in 1644.

To welcome all as an Open and Welcoming community of Christ’s people.

To uphold the ecumenical vision of the United Reformed Church as a union of Congregationalists, Presbyterians and Churches of Christ.


Church Covenant (Based on the 1644 Stepney Meeting Covenant)

We covenant together to walk in all the ways of Christ held out unto us in the Gospel,

and having the the right hand of fellowship given unto us by all, and owned for all time to time as followeth.